• DDRS (Deendayal Rehabilitation Scheme) under Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Central Government of India contributes lion’s share of finance in running the institution. Other uncertain sources include one -time sponsorships and donations from local individuals, businesspersons and other institutions.

  • The current loan stands at 25 Lakhs and it is to be cleared soon. The outstanding is because of the deficit arising out of cuts in sanctions by the government every year. And, as such there is no substitute to lead the organisation at least on the current lines. The alternative is to immediately search for donor agencies to recoup the gaps (present deficit per month is approximately 1 to 1.5 Lakhs).

  • The team is working out plans first to meet the monthly deficits. Distribution of Donation Forms, Continuous Requests to the Known Persons – Families, Friends, Near and Dear – and requests to the local persons and outsiders like Lions Club, Rotary Club etc are in the pipeline.

  • Developing a Website with the help of known people in IT so that all can have a look at the works done so far and the planned works and some might contribute their mite for the running of the school.


  • Education: For giving quality education and to leave no stone unturned, the team is quite enthusiastic to Adapt to modern methods of Education and have Audio Visual rooms with projectors integrated with group hearing systems for all the classes as the deaf and dumb students can see the visuals on the large screens and grasp the concepts faster than the primitive methods of teaching. Currently the school has a speech trainer to improve speech of the students concerned.

  • Rehabilitation Programmes: Community based rehabilitation services to children with neurological and developmental disabilities will be taken up independently or in association with other players in the area of operation. A full-fledged rehabilitation team will be set up that includes Physical Therapist (mobility, walking, wheel chair skills, co-ordinations and balance), Occupational Therapist (activities of daily living, self-care, bathing, grooming, dressing etc.), Speech / Language Therapist (communication, speaking, Reading, Writing and swallowing), School Re-entry Counsellor (importance of education, problem solving, future dreams etc.), Community Reintegration Instructor(Play, Leisure skills, etc.), Nurse, Certified teacher and other supporting staff. . Summer camps are the other programmes in the offing.

  • Vocational Training:Phenyl making, Candle making, Chalks making, Tailoring etc. will be revisited to create self-employment for the students and also for income generation of the organisation.

  • Technical knowhow: Modern technologies in education and development, and equipment / software related are to be procured in order to take scientific approach to management of the institution. Update operational / administrative process and procedure for ease of compliance and reporting and to ensure we end up with a favourable bang for the buck from the NGO perspective

  • Health, Medical and Insurance: Establish a clinic in the institution with minimum facilities and extend the operations to nearby beneficiaries also. Consult insurance authorities and opt for a suitable policy to bring the children under its umbrella. Negotiate with Government hospital and other private clinics for their cooperation in time of exigencies.

  • Workshop: Strategic workshops and sensitization programmes on women and child, nutrition, street children, social stigma, environment, pollution and other related issues will be worked out in order to improve and cement awareness among the targeted groups. Tie up with organizations working in interior parts could be thought of for effective reach

  • Capacity Building: Capacity building refers to the activities that improve and enhance the institution’s ability to achieve its mission and sustain itself over time.

  • Advocacy, Policy and Lobbying: A draft will be brought out as it is very sensitive in its nature. But it will go along with other activities like workshops and other programmes for the time being.

  • Mass Communications: A communication wing is imperative so that it works with different public departments besides the families of the children. It will also probe into the activities like participation in government programmes, placement of students after completion of primary and secondary education and, getting them admitted in colleges in case the students want to pursue higher studies..

  • In order to meet the present demands of older persons, it is planned to start a day care centre for the old. It is an extended and diversified activity

  • Concrete Structures :|The present tile roofed rooms and other asbestos roofed structures are in dilapidated condition and need replacement with concrete structures. A plan is prepared and it will be submitted to the Government and other private agencies for their perusal. It will be taken up with corporate as they could fund fully / partially /directly or through its associates.

  • Vehicle: The organisation requires a Four Wheeler and a Two Wheeler to carry out its operations in time. The former is important in reaching various places in and around Bhadrachalam to identify the children with disabilities for enrolment, to attend health and medical demands of the children and many other works related to the children in the school besides to carry outreach programs. The latter is needed in completing the day to day administrative works.

  • A mini bus is to be procured for transportation of the day students. Recently the team identified 58 students in a radius of fifty kilometres and the parents are willing to send them to the school if the management provides transportation to and fro. These students are deprived of the benefits just because of parental resistance.


  • Corpus Fund: Plan to develop resources from various stakeholders – local, national and international – by requesting them to enhance their sense of responsibility towards the society. A fund needs to be raised for the security of the institution in future

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Address: 9-1-182/4A, Shanthinagar, Bhadrachalam 507111, Telengana