The new management took over the administration of the school in the year 2013 on the Divine Advise of the Holy Lady Smt. Satya Sai, (a staunch devotee of Bhagavan Sadguru Sri Shiridi Sai Baba and Sri Satya Sai Baba of Puttaparthi) who stays at Kunavaram, a small village near Bhadrachalam

All the committee members of BRESH are devotees of Him and ardent disciples of the Holy Lady. He comes in Her body during the rituals and many other auspicious times and speaks to the people and the devotees so that a few social works are carried out in the interest of the public. Of course He / She advises on how to go about with their personal problems too if any. We believe SWAMY / BABA sit beside her and advice her to speak even in other times also

In one such occasion, He / She advised the members to extend all their expertise and services in order to improve the standards of BRESH -the children and the school-. Resultant, new members took over the reins though they did not have any idea about the functioning or experience in similar line. Profile of the present members just for your understanding:

2.Profile of the present members:

  • Mr. K S S Prasad, President:He runs a Degree College at Kunavaram and a well known social worker in that area. He and his family are the front runners whenever floods havoc the village

  • Mr. V Bhaskar Rao, Vice President:He is a Pharmaceutical Distributor based at Chennai and carries out Baba’s works at Chennai. He and his family are devotees of Sri Satya Sai Baba and at the same time strong followers of Shiridi Sai Baba too

  • Mrs. K. Kranthi. Secretary: She is Head – Logistics of IBM, Bangalore. On the advice of the Holy Lady, she took permission for 3 years to work from home so that she could oversee the school

  • Mrs. P. Uma Devi, Joint Secretary: She is a housewife and a social worker mainly helping the families during exigencies.

  • Mrs. K. Satish, Treasure: : He is a landlord and agriculturist and owner of a Stationary Shop at Kunavaram and he takes care of all Spiritual and administrative works of the Temple in Kunavaram.

  • Mr. K. Anil Kumar, Executive Member: : He is an established contactor at Bangalore and as his wife Mrs. K. Kranthi came to Bhadrachalam to look after the school, he also accompanied her and he is voluntarily involved in all activities of the school. In fact he is the important person in taking care of the students – diet, shelter, health and medical.

  • Dr. Mrs. Kalyani, Executive Member: : She a Medical Counselor and a reputed Doctor in Melbourne. Once she came to see the Holy Lady and stayed back on her advice to carry out Her Divine Instructions.

  • Mr. Sai Vamsi Krishna, Executive Member: : A very young IT Professional, IBM, Hyderabad and supports the works of the organization directly and indirectly..


Mr. Ganesh (who is representing) is a Supporter to BRESH. He is the General Manager for Vaartha, National Telugu Daily and Swatantra Vaartha, National Hindi Daily, Hyderabad. Earlier, he worked in CHAI (Catholic Health Association of India) and HAFA (Health Accessories For All), the largest single Voluntary Health Organization in the World with more than 5000 Member Institutions spread across the country. He is extending his expertise for the betterment of the organization.

Advisory Committee:

BRESH recently formed Advisory Committee comprising the following members

  • Mr. Shekar – Manager,Tribal Welfare Department, Hyderabad

  • Mr. Shankar - Financial Consultant, Bangalore

  • Mr. Narasimha Rao - Manager RTC, Bhadrachalam and

  • Mr. Venkatesh - Director

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Address: 9-1-182/4A, Shanthinagar, Bhadrachalam 507111, Telengana